October 18, 2011

There are countless health care career choices available to job seekers today, which can make job hunting overwhelming. One of the best ways to learn about a job is to talk to someone who works in that profession, which is why CAMC has its own Professional Recruitment Team (PRT) of employees that volunteer to recruit new employees.

The PRT is comprised of 45 employees from diverse areas of CAMC - nursing, therapies, lab, pharmacy, support services, professional, technical and more - to communicate their expertise to potential job candidates.  Since 2001, PRT members have represented CAMC at job fairs, college fairs and field-specific recruitment events to let students and job seekers know about the many career opportunities available at CAMC.

"Our employees are invaluable to the recruitment process because they are experts in their fields of practice," said Lavonda Williams, professional nursing planning specialist and PRT coordinator.  "The diversity of their careers and experience is part of what makes the team so effective.  Because they serve as ambassadors for CAMC, they are chosen to be part of the team based on their character, attitude and knowledge."

Barbara Sparks (pictured), Memorial Hospital lab, was chosen as the 2011 PRT Recruiter of the Year based on the events she attended, her positive attitude and her willingness to always help the team.

Through October, PRT members had attended 30 career-related events in 2011.

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