November 15, 2011

Lots of changes take place in the first five years of a child's life, from crawling to running and cooing to talking in sentences.

Lots of changes can also take place in the first five years of a hospital, as CAMC Teays Valley Hospital has demonstrated.

In 2006, Putnam General Hospital was losing money, in need of new equipment and other upgrades and had fewer than 300 employees.

Today at CAMC Teays Valley Hospital, operations are in the black, millions of dollars have been spent on upgrading equipment, renovating departments and patient rooms and the number of employees totals more than 400.

"We're expanding services and investing in technology to meet the community's needs," said Randy Hodges, CAMC Teays Valley Hospital president. "The growth has been extraordinary."

The hospital is now licensed for 70 beds. Two rooms are now dedicated to orthopedic patients and the intensive care unit was moved and expanded. TVH expects to finish 2011 with about 65,000 outpatient visits.

During the past five years, TVH has improved simple things like paint, wallpaper and TVs in patient rooms. The hospital has also purchased new equipment such as a 64-slice CT scanner, digital X-ray and mammography machines and upgrades in lab instruments.

Outside TVH, the expanded parking lot shows visitors immediately how the hospital has grown in the last five years.

"This hospital remains a valuable asset to our community," said Mary Beth Mullins, chief nursing officer. "Besides offering a variety of critical inpatient and outpatient services we're Putnam County's only 24-hour emergency room."

Along with improvements in facilities, TVH is continuing to explore new services to offer the community.

"It's a tremendous benefit to Putnam County to be able to offer specialists in orthopedics, urology and other areas," Hodges added. "We're proud of what we've accomplished during the past five years and excited to continue serving our community."

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