February 21, 2012

Sara Morrison from Professional Nursing was recognized for doing something a little special during the holidays to help patients and their families.

Each year, before Christmas, Morrison paints the patient windows in the Coronary ICU with snowmen and candy canes. She makes it special, talking with patients, families and staff while painting.

The day she came to the CICU this year was a very difficult day. The prognosis was very poor for one of the patients.

Two pre-teen granddaughters of a patient who had suffered a heart attack were struggling to understand everything that was happening. While the nursing staff had taken extra time to answer questions and be supportive, Morrison found a way to let the girls feel like they were doing something for their grandpa.

The girls had been curiously watching Morrison, and when she got to his room she asked them if they would like to help paint his window. Morrison spent time helping them design the scene and then allowed them to paint it. The girls loved being able to decorate his room.

Everyone in the unit stopped to watch them decorate their grandpa’s window and there were no dry eyes.

“For her endless pursuit of professional excellence and staff development Sara is outstanding, but today it was her heart felt love for the patients and families in CICU that stood out the most,” wrote the staff of the CICU in its nomination of Morrison.

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