February 21, 2012

Dr. Shawn Reinert, a hospitalist, was recently recognized for the way he helps and supports his co-workers.

A nurse who had just finished orientation in June nominated Reinert for standing by her side and helping her through those first couple rough nights.

The nurse said he not only showed compassion and excellent care toward the patient, but also respected the staff. He took time to explain things that this new nurse didn’t understand.

The other nurses on the unit say Reinert has a kind heart and that instead of making a call or decision without meeting the patient, he takes the time to come to the unit and assess the situation, which is a huge help to the staff.

“He has a wonderful personality and just a light about him that shines to everyone who meets him,” wrote Cassandra Berg in her nomination of Reinert.

Congratulations to the others nominated in January: Richard Connett, Ashley Crank, David Diehl, Sharon Edwards, Don Gay, Billie Hamilton, Terry Harper, Shelby Hicks, Patricia Higginbotham, Kelly Jenkins, Carrie Keen and Stacey Wolfe.

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