March 20, 2012

Oftentimes, a bad choice has bad consequences. That’s why CAMC has purchased a Virtual Driver Interactive Simulator for distracted driving.

The initial target group will be teens who are driving.

“We plan to work initially within the local county high schools to offer a program that targets the risky behavior of distracted driving related to cell phones (specifically texting) as a means to increase awareness and impact behaviors,” said Kim Morgan, RN, MSN, trauma prevention/outreach liaison.

In addition to area high schools, the simulator will be at CAMC’s HealthFest in June and Teddy Bear Fair in October.

The simulator was purchased through a grant provided by State Farm Insurance and the Charleston City Police Department, division of Highway Safety.

Morgan’s goal is to start the discussions with young drivers who would then discuss the experience with their parents/guardians and hopefully change adult practice also.

Later the program may be expanded to make it available for all ages as appropriate including older adults.

“This will provide an avenue to discuss the impact everyday medications can make on our ability to focus, make decisions and reaction times,” Morgan said.

Morgan will be using the simulator at several outreach programs including “Broken Promises” that collaborates with several community groups to prevent drunk driving. This program is held annually at one of the local high schools near prom/graduation time.

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