March 20, 2012

CAMC Women and Children’s Hospital unveiled its newest CT machine on March 20, 2012. It is an upgrade from before making faster scans and equipped with low-dose technology allowing a lot less radiation to be used – while a computer program boosts the quality of the image.

The renovated CT room also features an ambient experience which creates a friendly atmosphere for both children and adults.

The room is specially-designed with curved walls for projecting images, providing a movie theatre-like experience without glasses or headphones needed. It also teaches patients about the critical aspects of getting a CT scan like holding their breath and remaining still at certain times. It may tell them to act like a blowfish, inhale and hold their breath as an animated blowfish is projected on the wall providing an illustration.

An important aspect of the system is the patient actually chooses the room theme before their scan using a special control pad. This interaction between patient and equipment is designed to make people more relaxed and move their attention away from any anxiety caused by the impending procedure.

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