March 21, 2012

The employee recognition committee recently added a new category for its Heart and Soul award. The Humanitarian category recognizes employees for acts of kindness and charity that contribute to enhancing and promoting the welfare of humanity in the community, nation or world.

Doug Douglas, chief flight nurse, Jeff White, flight paramedic, Cody Pearson, flight paramedic, Tom Reed, pilot, and James Laubach, flight paramedic, with HealthNet are the first to be recognized as Heart and Soul Humanitarians.

A few days before Christmas, the crew flew a 10-year-old cancer patient from Jackson General to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

During the flight, the little boy made the comment that this would be his worst Christmas ever.

After hearing this, crew members wondered how they could enjoy their own family and Christmas, while thinking about this boy.

So they made arrangements with the boy’s parents and on Christmas morning the boy saw HealthNet land in his front yard.

The crew delivered a few gifts that they had bought and gave him a quick tour of the helicopter.

The little boy grinned from ear to ear and said that he would never forget his most special Christmas ever!

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