March 22, 2012

Margie Warner and Janet FrontinoMargie Warner and Janet Frontino, nurses in the post cardiac catheterization unit, were recognized in February for helping a patient during her recovery.

Warner had cared for a patient post-heart cath and was her nurse for a couple of days.

The patient was moved to another unit following a valve replacement.

When Warner and Frontino called the patient at home after her discharge, the patient mentioned to them how much her legs were swelling. She did not have any compression stockings.

After work, Frontino went to the patient’s home to check on her and help put the stockings on her.

Warner realized the patient did not have some medications that she should have been prescribed. She spoke with the patient’s physician and discussed the issues.

Warner then obtained prescriptions for the patient and faxed them to her pharmacy to get filled.

Congratulations to the other February nominees: Karen Boggs, Michele Brown, Kelly Cottrell, Ellen Maggard, Jocelyn Moorehead, Jennifer Tanner and Janet Toney.

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