March 27, 2012

If you’ve bought jewelry or books at one of the CAMC Auxiliary sales, you should know that for each sale, vendors give back a percentage to the respective auxiliary, turning those dollars into much needed items for CAMC hospitals.

In 2011, the three CAMC auxiliaries at General, Memorial and Women and Children’s hospitals contributed a combined $190,000 to their respective hospitals. Twenty-one CAMC departments received purchases funded by the auxiliaries last year alone.

The auxiliary boards work closely with the vice-presidents and administrators at each hospital to determine the needs of each facility.

In addition to the $190,000 contributed directly to CAMC, the auxiliaries contributed another $115,000 to the CAMC Foundation. CAMC Memorial auxiliary contributed $100,000 specifically for the building of the new cancer center. Another $15,000 was a combined support from each auxiliary to the annual Gala.

Thanks to our employees, our auxiliaries are making big investments back into our hospitals. Here’s where the money went in 2011:

$75,000 for General Hospital: STICU renovation project

$85,000 for Memorial Hospital: 5 West (wheelchairs), 3 East (suction regulators), 3 North (suction ventilators), 3 South (pulse oximeter cards), 3 West (bladder scan with mobile cart), 4 North (bladder scanner), CT (blanket warmer), Endoscopy (therapeutic bronchoscope), Pastoral Care (CareNotes), Surgery (TV's and brackets for waiting area, procedure cart with LCD)

$30,000 for Women and Children’s Hospital: Breast Center (breast cancer treatment booklet), Outtakes (permanent cooling system), EKG/Echo (DVD player and DVD's), Infusion Center (video games, craft supplies table and chairs), Labor/Delivery and Mother Baby (wheelchairs and TVs), NICU (digital camera and accessories), Pediatrics (child life brochures, arts and crafts supplies, video games), PICU (Z-Flo fluidized positioners and covers, seven by 10 inch prone and utility positioned), PAC (autism resources and activity play centers), Security (desk chair)

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