January 12, 2010
CAMC Memorial Hospital has installed the latest diagnostic imaging technology, a new Philips Brilliance 256 slice iCT scanner. The Brilliance iCT provides detailed and clear 3D images of an entire organ, including the heart and brain. While the scanner delivers key clinical insights for a wide range of applications in the radiology and cardiology settings, the enhanced visualizations will be most valuable for doctors diagnosing and treating problems within the heart. The Brilliance iCT scanner is also designed to reduce a patient’s exposure to X-rays. The scan is much quicker, as the machine’s X-ray emitting gantry—the giant ring- shaped part that surrounds the patient—can rotate four times in a single second, which is 22 percent faster than current systems. The new Brilliance iCT is a computed tomography scanner (sometimes referred to as a “CAT” scan), that produces crisp, detailed images of the body in mere seconds. With remarkable speed and power to maximize image quality during short scans, the benefits of the Brilliance iCT extend across the whole body. CT scans allow doctors to see images of internal organs and structures in great detail from a variety of angles. This gives physicians critical information more quickly than they could achieve with other tests or invasive techniques. In those cases where surgery or other procedures are recommended, the information from the CT scan helps the surgical team in the planning process. Physicians use the information they get from a CT scan to rule out or confirm the presence of certain abnormalities or diseases. If doctors do see something on the scan, that information can be vital in determining proper treatment options. The system also features X-ray dose saving techniques, designed to safeguard patients while at the same time assuring excellent image quality.

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