July 13, 2012

Patients who stay in one of the CAMC hospitals will receive education about many aspects of their care.

“Proper patient education is vital to a health system like CAMC,” said Debbie Benson, RN, CNIII, BSN. “We serve a broad patient population, and the majority of our patients have chronic health problems. Ifnurses can educate each patient and family during each encounter, we increase the chances of having that information retained and put to good use in meeting the patient’s ongoing health care needs.”

CAMC has a patient education council with representatives from many disciplines. This council coordinates the development of the patient education processes and promotes consistency of patient and family education materials and resources throughout CAMC.

“The council is crucial to our hospital and its mission,” said Bev Thornton, RN, patient education coordinator. “This group is accountable for processes, so every patient receives consistent and understandable information for their immediate needs and also learns what to expect upon discharge.”

Council members are dedicated to informing colleagues about the educationmaterials and resources that are available
and encouraging them to use them.

“Patient education materials areavailable to provide patients and families understandable resources and can also help
make clinicians’ jobs easier,” said Angela Page, RD, LD. “We have printable materials available through the patient education website and a link directly on our Electronic Medical Record.”

Recently, patient education documentation moved to the EMR. The council continues to work with patient resources to improve efficiency in meeting patients’ specific educational needs and documenting outcomes electronically.

“Being electronic will save time and money,” Page said. “Online documentation is at our fingertips. There is no waiting because others are using a (paper) chart. And the best part is that online documentation is legible and easy to read. No more trying to figure out handwriting!”

“We also have a video on demand TV system, which provides numerous patient education videos,” Page said. “Staff can choose education videos to provide an entertaining way for patients to learn while allowing themselves time to see and care for other patients’ needs. The on demand system allows health care providers to maximize their time by choosing a video to reach several patients, providing consistent information then follow up to answer any questions.”

In addition to CAMC’s on demand video library, there is also a C.A.R.E. Channel® available 24 hours a day. The nature imagery and instrumental music promotes restfulness and sleep, supports pain management modalities and reduces noise and stress. The channel is a welcome change from commercial television noise, improving staff and patient satisfaction.

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