April 8, 2013

CAMC Women and Children's Hospital celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2013. What better way to celebrate than by opening private rooms for families having babies?

"The opening of the private rooms means that we now can offer an environment that meets the needs of our patients and the community, and that compliments the exceptional care that patients receive at Women and Children's," said Denise Burgess, RN, LPC, NBCC, director of obstetrical services.

Having an environment that is reflective of the highest level of care and compassion patients and families receive is a source of great pride for the entire Women and Children's team.

"CAMC has invested a tremendous amount of resources to ensure that our region has a state-of-the-art healing environment in which to enjoy the birthing experience," said Andrew Weber, vice president and administrator of Women and Children's Hospital. "Pregnant women throughout our region no longer have to choose between the highest level care and the comfort of a private room for themselves and their newborn. Women and Children's Hospital is THE choice."

During renovations, each room has undergone a complete transformation with warm finishes, soothing colors, flat screen TVs and new private bathrooms and showers. The common areas also have received a new look with finishes, colors and lighting to compliment the patient rooms.

"The rooms have more of a hotel-like look now," Weber said. "All of this change is designed to create a warm, quiet and comforting environment to promote healing and a special environment for parents and families during this joyous occasion."

Misty Bradley, first-time mom, agrees that the new rooms don't have a hospital feel.

"I truly felt like I was at a hotel, not a hospital," she said. "Really! The room was comfortable, spacious and if I needed anything at all, I just asked and it was taken care of. I didn't get that cold, sterile, uncomfortable feeling that you usually get in hospitals. I didn't hear lots of people talking or bells, whistles and alarms going off and waking me up. "

Providing this type of environment helps to make the total patient experience a positive one for women delivering here. Women and Children's already boasts outstanding providers, the most experienced nurses in both labor and delivery and mother/baby, 24-hour anesthesia coverage and the highest level NICU with 24-hour neonatologists on hand.

"All of these things are what we believe to be the gold standard in patient care," Burgess said. "The new rooms just wrap that up in a beautiful package."

"I had never stayed overnight in a hospital or had a major surgery, so this experience was all very scary to me," Bradley said. "Pair that with all of the overwhelming feelings I was having as a first-time mom, thank goodness for the kind and wonderful nurses and my beautiful cozy room to help the whole experience, both joyous and bittersweet, be much more tolerable."

The private rooms also have allowed Women and Children's to change its visitation practice, and parents and families are enjoying the opportunity to share their special occasion with many loved ones in a more intimate environment.

For more information about maternity services at CAMC Women and Children's Hospital, visit camc.org/babies.

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