April 19, 2013

CAMC dedicated a new "Tree of Life," located in the lobby of General Hospital, on Friday, April 12. Family members of those memorialized on the tree, along with CAMC staff and representatives from the Center for Organ Recovery and Education (CORE), participated in the ceremony. The Donor Tree is a gift from the CAMC Foundation and the General Hospital Auxiliary.

"A tree symbolizes life, which is what an organ donor's gift represents to a transplant recipient," said Glen Martin, associate administrator of CAMC General Hospital. "This tree is a reminder of the selfless gifts that donors and their families have given and of the miracles that would not have been possible without them. Each name is a legacy to those who knew them and to the lives saved as a result of their most precious gift – the gift of life."

In 2012, 73 lives were saved through 32 organ donations at CAMC. The names of 39 people who donated organs over the past two years are memorialized on the tree's bronze leaves. Each April, in conjunction with organ donation awareness month, leaves with the names of new organ donors will be dedicated.

Family members make imprints of the donor leaves. The Tree of Life was dedicated at General Hospital in April 2013. Etched leaves on the donor tree memoralize those who gave the gift of life.

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