April 19, 2013

CAMC is dedicated to ensuring that the current and future needs of our patients are met with skilled nurses in all areas of patient care. The CAMC Nurse Education Assistance Program works to fulfill those needs by providing a program in which individuals can obtain a nursing degree without the financial worries of paying for a two-year degree.

The educational assistance provided by CAMC covers degree-related costs in exchange for a work commitment to CAMC upon graduation. The program is a great solution for those who are interested in a nursing career but are concerned about time and resources.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for registered nurses is anticipated to grow 26 percent between now and 2020, which is faster than the average for all occupations. A degree in nursing opens the door to many opportunities in the growing health care field.

Carrie Wines, RN, a nurse at the David Lee Cancer Center, started at CAMC as a phlebotomist and was accepted into the nursing program in 2006 when she was working as a billing clerk at the DLCC. Upon her graduation in 2008, she started working as a nurse on one of the floors at CAMC Memorial and then returned to the DLCC as an oncology nurse.

Wines is finding her career as a nurse to be very rewarding. "Every day, I get to be a part of someone's life, usually at a time when they are at their worst. Helping patients and their family members through difficult situations gives me great joy," she said.

When Wines decided to apply for the CAMC Nurse Education Assistance Program, she had been out of school for 15 years. "It was a great opportunity, but I was nervous about passing the exams and figuring out how I was going to juggle being a student, a mother and an employee," she said. While the program was challenging, she found that the preparation, scheduling, skill development and support were very beneficial.

"If I had done this program without the educational assistance from CAMC, going back to school would have taken me longer and I wouldn't have been able to take as many classes. I also was able to benefit from a reduced work schedule," Wines said.

To hear more from Wines and three other graduates of the program, visit youtube.com/CAMCHealthSystem to view the Nurse Education Assistance Program testimonial videos. Employees can access the videos on CAMnet through Career Central.

Applications are accepted until May 31 and can be accessed online at camc.org/nursinged. Applicants can also find a list of frequently asked questions, course descriptions and a timeline about the nursing program selection process.

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