May 17, 2013

Rickey Kincaid is part of the team that was recognized for excellent patient care. Rebecca Butcher is part of the team recognized for excellent patient care. Danielle Dials is part of the team recognized for excellent patient care.

L to R: Rickey Kincaid, Rebecca Butcher and Danielle Dials

Rickey Kincaid, Sarah Cincinnati, Christina Tate, Rebecca Butcher, Danielle Dials and Christina Kinder from the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Memorial were nominated for going above and beyond to care for a dying patient.

During one of the snowstorms, the patient's family could not get to the hospital to be with him during the last hours of his life.

After working a 12-hour shift and being hungry due to half eaten lunches and tired from a busy, busy day and ready to go home and see their families, this group decided to spend a little extra time with someone they had just met. They sat at his bedside, holding his hand, praying and singing until he passed. They took time to stay with this patient in his last moments on earth because his family was unable to get to him due to the bad weather. They did not want him to die alone.

His wife was updated often on the phone and was very thankful for the caring staff of the MICU in this time of need.

Congratulations to the others nominated in April: Behavioral Health Services, Kristen Justice, Bonnie Smith, Gina Walker.

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