May 17, 2013

Mike Williams was awarded the Heart & Soul Humanitarian Award for his quick response to an accident.The humanitarian category of Heart and Soul recognizes employees for acts of kindness and charity who contribute to enhancing and promoting the welfare of humanity in the community, nation or world.

Mike Williams, administrator at CAMC General Hospital, was first on the scene of a terrible accident.

A man was on his motorcycle on Route 119 when he was hit by an automobile.

Williams just happened to be right behind the accident and jumped into action tending to the injured motorcyclist.

The patient lost one of his legs in the accident, but was so appreciative that Williams took the immediate action he did.

The patient told family, friends and staff at General Hospital that not only was Williams first on the scene of the accident, but that if he had not placed the tourniquet, he would have bled to death at the scene.

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