August 16, 2013

CAMC's programs and services go well beyond the traditional health care most people think about hospitals. CAMC does much more than just provide health care; it is involved in nearly every aspect of the lives and well-being of the community.

In 2012, CAMC's community benefit was $115,446,844. Bad debt at cost ($40,084,124) and unreimbursed Medicare at cost ($47,311,019) are not included in the community benefit report per Internal Revenue Service guidelines, but are reflective of CAMC's role in providing benefit to its community.

Community benefits are programs or activities that provide treatment or promote health and healing as a response to identified community needs and meet at least one of the following community benefit criteria:

• Improves access to health care services

• Enhances the health of the community

• Advances medical or health care knowledge

• Relieves or reduces the burden of government or other community benefits

CAMC is the largest provider of uncompensated care and the largest Medicaid provider in West Virginia. CAMC also is the primary medical safety net provider of women and children’s and trauma services in central and southern West Virginia. Additionally, CAMC is the only major teaching hospital in southern West Virginia. As a teaching hospital, CAMC serves the uninsured and underinsured with highly specialized safety net services.

CAMC assists and collaborates with rural hospitals to improve care in the state, in such areas as telemedicine, networking and outreach and other programs.

CAMC’s full community benefit report will be posted on within a few weeks.

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