August 16, 2013

Temesia Walker, health unit coordinator on 7 South at General HospitalTamesia Walker, a health unit coordinator on 7 South General, was recognized because she took an extra shift and was able to help a patient and her family in a tremendous way.

A nurse whose aunt was a patient said Walker went out of her way to tend to the special requests of the patient and her family, even after being told the patient wouldn't be with them much longer.

According to the nomination, Walker treated the family with love and respect and did whatever it took to make the patient and her family comfortable.

"It always seemed as though she did not have any other care in the world, but making us comfortable in what we were going through," according to the nomination. "Tamesia prayed and sang to us after we told her that my aunt loved church. Her melodic voice and beautiful spirit embodies all that Heart & Soul is about."

This was an example of someone putting her voice as well as her heart and soul into the care of a patient and family.

Walker was also nominated by a physician because of her quick responsiveness to a call button. Walker could only hear tapping, so she went to patient who was in severe distress with food blocking their airway. The physician felt the patient's life was saved due to Walker's diligence in responding.

Congratulations to others who were nominated in July: Dr. Manuel Caceres, Sabrina Cameron, Dr. Mouna Chebib, Kathleen Gatskie, Clara Jones, Josh Lewis, Christy Parsons, Kelsey Pauley, PICU staff, Dan Roy, SICU staff, Ann Sinclair, Mary Smith, Dr. Amy Tickle, Dr. Willis Trammell, Women and Children's respiratory therapy.

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