August 16, 2013

Fran Brooks, manager, emergency department at Memorial HospitalFran Brooks, Memorial Hospital emergency department, was recognized as the manager for this quarter.

Brooks was nominated for being an outstanding member of the leadership team.

Over the past few years she has worked tirelessly to improve the ED, and her hard work is paying off.

The current patient satisfaction is 86 percent and the ED's door to admission time has decreased by 90 minutes.

In addition to her duties in the ED, Brooks often works in the Transfer Center on the weekends.

"When she is in Transfer Center, the administrator on call rarely gets paged with problems as she easily handles most issues successfully," wrote Jeff Oskin, administrator of Memorial Hospital. "Fran is an exceptional leader that always puts our patients' needs first, and I can't imagine anyone who more exemplifies our values. She not only is the heart and soul of the ED, she is the heart and soul of CAMC."


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