February 3, 2011

Would you notice if someone made very small changes to your favorite meal to try to make it healthier? That's the idea behind the concept of "stealth health." Replacing butter with olive oil, baking foods instead of frying them and swapping empty carbohydrates for whole grain versions are just some of the things that CAMC is starting to do for its patient meals and cafeteria offerings.

CAMC's food and nutrition services department, along with Morrison Healthcare Food Services, recognizes the importance of healthy eating for patients, employees and visitors. However, they also know that gradually switching in more nutritious versions of favorite foods will ultimately be better than a rapid menu overhaul.

"Most people don't change their eating habits overnight, and we want this to be successful," said Lisa Roberson, RD, LD, director, Morrison Corporate Wellness. "We have made over several items in the café as well as some on the patient menu. We want to keep serving the local favorites, but make small changes to improve the health profile of these foods."

Stay tuned for more information about CAMC's healthy meal initiatives, and next time you visit a CAMC cafeteria, see if you can tell which foods have undergone a "stealth health" makeover.


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