September 19, 2013

The CAMnet redesign provides an opportunity to organize information into categories for a cleaner, simpler site. Less is definitely more when it comes to website design. A better-organized site allows users to find information more quickly and makes navigation of the site more efficient.

The new site will have top and bottom navigation bars that will be standard on every page. Nearly all of the information that is currently on the right side of CAMnet in the yellow menu has been categorized under the top navigation bar. These items are contained in rollover menus, so while not everything is on the front page, it is just a click away. This keeps the front page design consistent and easier to read while still allowing quick access to other pages.

An icon row on the bottom of each page features many frequently-accessed areas of the site, including: cafeteria menus, classifieds, email and more. The "Say Thanks" site will be housed here, as well as a new feature called "Questions." Employees can submit general questions that the marketing department will send to the appropriate departments to answer. This is another way to facilitate two-way communication with employees. Some departments also will be incorporating this feature on their pages.

Department and unit pages on the new CAMnet have been developed and tested using templates that standardize information, yet still allow for some flexibility to meet individual department and unit needs. The navigation menus differ slightly for departments and units and include information such as staff listings, council representatives, locations, meetings, links and more.

Next month's article about the CAMnet redesign will highlight the Vitals section – a new feature designed to give employees essential information while reducing the clutter caused by infoserve emails. If you have questions about the new site, email The new CAMnet debuts Jan. 6.

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