October 4, 2013

Each year, CAMC registers more than 650 participants for classes at the Family Resource Center. The class offerings focus on a variety of family preparation topics, including childbirth class, sibling prep, breastfeeding, basics of baby care and more.

In 2012, the FRC began offering an online childbirth class option for expectant mothers who are on bed rest or don't have time to come to the in-person class.

After surveying class participants about how they get information and how they prefer to be contacted, the FRC has adopted an online registration software that will streamline the process for participants wishing to register for a class. The system will send reminder emails to registered participants and will allow them to provide feedback after the class is completed.

"We want to make childbirth preparation as easy and convenient as possible for our expectant mothers," said Kelly Gilbert, director of the FRC. "By providing them the option to register online, they can register anytime instead of having to wait for office hours."

Another benefit of the system is participants can register and pay for several classes at once.

If participants cannot register online or do not wish to, they can call the FRC at (304) 388-2545 to sign up for classes. For more information about the classes offered by the FRC, visit http://camc.org/frc. 

Registration instructions:
• Visit camc.org/frc
• Click "Childbirth class offerings" on the left menu
•Choose the classes you want to attend and follow the registration instructions

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