October 4, 2013

Some college students majoring in health sciences and interested in medical school are getting a closer look at their possible profession before finishing school.

The "Green Coat" program is an opportunity introduced to CAMC and CAMC Institute by the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine's Rural Health Initiative. It allows college students to be immersed in the hospital/clinic setting with supplemental opportunities to broaden their exposure to working with an interprofessional health care team.

Lucas Hamrick and Basem Dahshan are the first two students to participate at CAMC. They recently began a 40 week program with a variety of areas including:

1. Health care provider and/or clinical interactions

2. Professional (clinical) education and training

3. Health system organizational and leadership development

4. Community health programs and awareness

To be considered for the program the students must be sophomores, juniors or seniors with grade point averages greater than 3.0 with letters of recommendation from their advisors and a one-page essay describing the student's career goal and how it relates to primary care practice in West Virginia.

"The program takes college students interested in the medical field and provides them hospital experiences and supplemental opportunities to broaden their exposure to working with an interprofessional healthcare team," said Art Rubin, DO, WVSOM regional assistant dean - south central region. "They are in direct patient contact on selected units at CAMC General and CAMC Memorial hospitals."

CAMC is a leader in medical education at all levels from undergraduate to post-doctoral programs.

One of CAMC's pillars is "Best Place to Learn." This program in partnership with WVSOM is strongly aligned with this pillar.

"CAMC has been successful in training and retaining many of the physicians we have on our medical staff," Rubin said. "This program reaches farther down to the college level to encourage students to consider WVSOM as their medical school and to stay in West Virginia to serve the rural populations around us.

"We have many partnerships with other medical schools, dental schools, schools of pharmacy, schools of anesthesia among others to provide learning opportunities in the hospital setting. This program is unique and the first of its kind at WVSOM and in West Virginia."

The next group of "green coats" is expected to start at CAMC in January.

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