November 15, 2013

Jaimee MilesEach quarter an employee is recognized for the humanitarian award.

The humanitarian category of Heart and Soul recognizes employees for acts of kindness and charity who contribute to enhancing and promoting the welfare of humanity in the community, nation or world.

Jaimee Miles, a nurse from the clinical resource department, witnessed a car accident on I-79 in July.

The victim was thrown from the car and onto the side of the mountain.

Miles risked her life by running past the mangled car that had smoke billowing out of the hood. She climbed the muddy and rocky hillside to get to the victim.

She provided physical and spiritual care, kept the victim talking for 30 minutes until EMS arrived.

The person nominating Miles says she is an excellent nurse who represents all of CAMC's core values and cares deeply for her patients.

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