November 15, 2013

Michelle Brooks Katie Balla

Michelle Brooks (L), a nurse, and Katie Balla (R), a nursing assistant, work on 4 South at CAMC Memorial Hospital.

Recently, the unit cared for a surgery patient who was homeless. He only had one set of clothes.

Brooks and Balla made arrangements to have his clothes washed.

As the nurse was educating the patient before discharge, he told her he didn't have any glasses to read the papers. She bought him reading glasses the next day. He was so excited to get reading glasses so Katie bought him a newspaper.

Additionally he was being discharged with a leg bag for his urine. Michelle knew it would not fit under his jeans, so she brought him a pair of sweatpants to conceal the bag.

The patient was extremely appreciative of the special individual treatment these two staff members provided for him. He was more prepared for his discharge and could read all of the educational materials to improve his recovery period.

Brooks and Balla demonstrated compassion, respect and acts of kindness toward this patient and all of their patients every day.

Congratulations to the other nominees in October: Dustin Dunlap, Dennis Fagans, Leslie Hartman, Jacque Hizer, Clara Jones, Barb Sepcic, Glenna Shafer, Shellie Smith, Briana Sparks, John Spence.

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