December 20, 2013

CAMC has policies in place dealing with scrub use in the “dress code and appearance” section of the employee handbook and “hospital provided scrub apparel” policy in the linen services policy and procedure manual.

Hospital provided scrubs designated for surgical areas and procedural areas should not be worn by personnel outside those departments.

Regulatory agencies have revised recommendations, standards and procedures for laundering of scrubs and where they are to be worn in a facility. To ensure CAMC is in compliance, a new hospital-provided scrub process will be implemented Jan. 13, 2014.

The group working on the details has included surgery management, professional nursing, administration, infection prevention, HR and linen services. The CAMC Medical Staff Executive Committee also approved the changes to the policy which affect CAMC employees, medical staff, residents, medical students and vendors.

New clean scrubs should be put on when coming into the facility, and these scrubs should then be removed before leaving the facility.

The updated process also includes the purchase of new scrub machines, a new color of OR scrubs and strict enforcement. Under the revised policy, some departments, currently wearing the
same color of scrubs as those in surgery and procedure areas, will not be permitted to wear the same color as the surgery staff.

Amnesty days will be held on Jan. 13 and Jan. 20. Employees and physicians may turn in their old green scrubs.

The dress code and appearance section of the employee handbook supports this revised scrub policy. “Uniforms or other attire provided by the company such as scrub suits are not to be worn off company premises. Violation of this regulation will result in disciplinary action.”

Vendors will be issued scrubs (in a different color) at the surgery control desks.

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