February 21, 2014

Heart and Soul awardees from 2013

In 2013, 253 people were nominated for the Heart and Soul award for their care for patients, visitors and coworkers.

All of the Heart and Soul winners from each month were honored at the annual luncheon, Jan. 15. All of the winners' names were put into a drawing for a grand prize of $2,000. This year it went to Rickey Kincaid, Sarah Cincinnati, Christina Tate, Danielle Dials, Christina Kinder from the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Memorial.

They were originally recognized in April 2013. During a snowstorm, a patient's family could not get to the hospital to be with him during the last hours of his life. They did not want him to die alone. After working a 12-hour shift and tired from a busy day and ready to go home to see their families, this group decided to sit with the patient, holding his hand, praying and singing until he passed.

There were three manager awardees for 2013: Fran Brooks, ED Memorial Hospital, Sande Egnor, MICU/NSICU General Hospital and Lillian Morris, Safety.

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