Teays Valley Employee of Excellence: Cathy Hurd - Archived

Teays Valley Employee of Excellence Cathy HurdCongratulations to Cathy Hurd, patient AM admission, the Teays Valley Hospital employee of excellence for the first quarter.

Many times, what co-workers say about someone reveals a lot about their personality. Below are some highlights on what fellow employees say about Hurd:

Finally, one co-worker summed up Hurd by saying the attributes above are a continuous daily way for her.

• "She voluntarily approaches the staff and asks if she can help in any way."

• "She goes above and beyond for our patients making sure everything is taken care of before their procedures."

• "She ensures each patient has a safe experience."

• "She does not waste time or CAMC's resources."

• "She multitasks, helping the flow from area to area to go quickly, effectively and smoothly."

• "She is flexible to work in various departments when needed. She always checks interdepartmentally when she has available time to help out and provides excellent nursing care."

• "She pays attention to detail and listens to her patients."

• "I can honestly say that the staff and patients have better care thanks to her willingness to lend a hand."

Congratulations to the others who were nominated: Diana Higginbotham, Kelly Tinsley.