March 21, 2014

Dr. Janet JenkinsDr. Janet Jenkins specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation. She works in Med Rehab at General Hospital.

The person who nominated Dr. Jenkins said she demonstrates the utmost compassion and care for her patients. Her care goes beyond providing for the basic medical and physical needs of her patients: she treats their spirit, instills hope, greets them with cheer and has faith in their potential and abilities to overcome adversity and profound disabilities.

This nomination followed the most recent display of Dr. Jenkins' love for her patients when a family was suddenly faced with losing a son at the young age of 28.

Eight years ago, he had been a patient in Med Rehab. Since then, his parents had cared for him at home and Dr. Jenkins saw him as an outpatient.

When he was hospitalized in November, Dr. Jenkins took time to visit him daily in ICU.

On the day the family chose to have Hospice at their home, Dr. Jenkins was there.

She shared a special devotional with the family and sang a hymn in the patient's room.

This family was forever touched by the compassion, grace and kindness she demonstrated at this devastating time.

This is only one example of the many ways Dr. Jenkins uses her voice, faith and medical knowledge to treat patients and their families.

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