April 4, 2014

Gallbladder surgery has never looked better thanks to the single-site procedure available using the da Vinci robotic surgical system.

"Although gallbladder surgery can be performed both laparoscopically and robotically, using the robot offers a superior
degree of accuracy," said Edward Tiley, MD, the only surgeon performing single-site procedures at CAMC. "Robotic tools provide
improved vision and mobility of the surgical instruments."

The procedure is performed through a small, two-centimeter incision in the navel.

"A small port is inserted into the abdomen through the incision," said Marian Campbell, RNFA, robotic coordinator at CAMC. "The
port allows the surgeon to introduce the robotic cannulas, which attach to the camera and the surgical instruments arms."

"The robot provides 3-D vision, so the degree of clarity is much greater, in my mind, than in laparoscopic procedures," Tiley said. "The da Vinci video system virtually transports the
surgeon inside the patient's abdomen."

Like other minimally-invasive procedures, robotic surgeries provide benefits to patients.

"The biggest benefit to the patient is only having one small incision in the navel, which is particularly important for cosmetic
reasons," Campbell said. "Other added robotic benefits include quicker recovery, less pain after surgery and minimal blood loss."

CAMC strives to offer single-site procedures for hysterectomy, hiatal hernias and colon resection in the future. For more information
about da Vinci surgery at CAMC, visit camc.org/davinci.

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