April 18, 2014
Sharon Anderson

Sharon Anderson is a dietary aide in the cafeteria at Memorial. It's an understatement to say she knows her customers.

Recently Anderson recognized a couple of employees who eat in the cafeteria regularly and also have a strict diet based on religious beliefs. Anderson was serving other customers, but noticed the husband and wife were buying food that she didn't think was kosher. Anderson took it upon herself to go to the kitchen and verified that their lunches were not kosher. The person nominating Anderson said this is the biggest and the most meaningful thing anyone could do for them – to save them from doing something they feel strongly about.

That's just one example. Another nomination received for Anderson described her daily compassion and kindness in her interaction with customers.

Congratulations to the other nominees in March: Larah Bess, Adam Crawford, Beth Dawson, James Dodson, Peggy Farley, James Ferrell, Will Fizer, Jonathan Gladys, Jamie Hainer, Dr. Sulaiman Hasan, Heather Gunter, Rachel Hill, Dr. Donald Lilly, Arron Lucerio, Becky Mulkey, Dr. S. Narasimhan, Megan Scarberry, Dr. James Stanton, Donna Szucs.

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