April 18, 2014

Sherri Keffer, 4 SouthKevin Parker, pharmacist

Sherri Keffer is a nurse on 4 South Memorial and Kevin Parker is a pharmacist in the outpatient pharmacy at Memorial.

Parker and Keffer have formed a dynamic team implementing a new process for CAMC and its patients.

4 South Memorial was chosen as the pilot unit to provide medications to patients upon discharge.

Keffer worked diligently to identify patients prior to discharge that met criteria and forwarded information to Parker.

It is noteworthy that this is no small task. Working through each potential patient was a timely effort.

Parker also was consistent to pursue every opportunity and work to secure medications for patients who were eligible.

The end result was the ability to provide discharge medication education with a pharmacist, as well as providing medications for the patient prior to leaving the hospital.

This removes a huge burden for patients and families during this critical time in their hospital experience.

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