July 18, 2014

Angela Bowles and Pat Hess

Sometimes a patient touches the lives of just about every person on a unit.

That happened recently on 5 South at Memorial Hospital.

The unit had a patient with dementia who was awaiting placement. She had been a patient on the unit for several weeks.

Even though, with her illness, she forgot things very easily, the staff had tremendous patience with her.

Over time, she became part of the 5 South family. Many employees, including those from the David Lee Cancer Center, housekeeping and other support departments noticed that she didn't have much to do and all she had was the hospital gown on her back.

The staff, one by one, provided her with gowns, jewelry, reading materials, breakfast and snacks on their way to work, an Easter basket filled with goodies and real like cat that even purred because they knew how much she missed her pet. They even bought her a personalized bag with her initials on it to store all of her goodies.

She had a huge smile on her face when she would get dressed up in her new gowns and jewelry.

They continued to do these extra things knowing that a few minutes later she might not remember who gave them to her.

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