May 23, 2011

The person nominating Brenda Taylor, surgery, write that she exhibits core values with every patient, every interaction, everyday.

"She is a huge patient advocate. Her detail to compassionate quality care is effortless," according to the nomination.

"She is always respectful of patients, families and coworkers. Her work ethic and commitment to her patient's safety and well being are beyond reproach. Patients ask for her by name and she makes rounds to the units to visit patients on a daily basis. She also acts as the tooth fairy for our pediatric dental patients. She makes pillows and hand paints them for these patients. If she does not have a pillow, she buys something from the gift shop. She also leaves one dollar bills under the pillow of these children so they know that the tooth fairy has visited. She does this all with her money and gets such joy from it. She plays with these children to develop relationships with them so that they are more at ease coming to the OR with her."

The nomination concluded by saying "our patients love her as she treats them with respect and she genuinely cares for them."

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