May 23, 2011

Dr. Letitia Tierney, hospitalist, was recognized for her care of a patient who had been traveling by plane from his home in New York when he became ill in flight.

The plane was diverted to Charleston so that he could receive the medical care that he needed.


Not only did she care for him while he was a patient, she also took the lead role in discharging the patient, rather than just writing the orders and leaving the complicated discharge to the hands of social services.


 Dr. Tierney worked the phones to arrange for the flight home for the patient and his wife.


She even personally made certain all necessary documentation was copied and ready to go with the patient so that his doctor back home would be fully aware of his treatment at CAMC.


Finally, Dr. Tierney accompanied the couple to the airport, assisted them in clearing security and actually boarding the plane for their flight home.


The patient and his wife were amazed at the hospitality they witnessed while here and the blessing of such a compassionate doctor.  

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