August 17, 2011

 Elizabeth Withrow, Teays Valley Employee of Excellence
Elizabeth Withrow, RN, education development, is the Teays Valley Hospital Employee of Excellence.

While Withrow has been a part of many notable big events, she was nominated for her commitment to excellence every day with every person, every action and every interaction.

Those who nominated Withrow describe her as someone who is often called on to do things above or outside her normal work load, never says "no," and has a "can do" attitude.

"She is truly respectful of others, openly acknowledging the worth of each person and each position within the hospital," according to the nomination.

"Liz has a heart of compassion. She shows this not only by her obvious dedication to her family but the generous, caring way she interacts with co-workers, volunteers, patients, and other TVH customers." Her helping hands have touched most departments within and affiliated with the hospital. She often personally pays for her students to have a meal, a snack or something to drink during their time with her.

The nomination also referred to Withrow as someone who takes action to make things happen.

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