February 17, 2017


In 2016, 275 people were nominated for the Heart and Soul award for their care for patients, visitors and co-workers.

All Heart and Soul winners from each month were honored at the annual luncheon Jan. 25.  All of the winners' names were put into a drawing for a grand prize of $2,000.  This year's recipients were Kelli Smith from pulmonary rehab and Stacy Sanson, Leonard Picha and Amanda Cavender, respiratory therapists.

These employees were originally recognized in May for lifting the spirits of a patient during his three plus years of therapy.  The family said their compassion and encouragement greatly helped the patient through rehabilitation.

Managers who were recognized in 2016 were Kelly Gilbert, director of the Family Resource Center and Child Advocacy Center, Robin Rector, CAMC Institute corporate director for professional education and Josh Tuck, manager, orthopedic trauma.

Anyone can make a nomination by going to CAMnet, clicking on the Heart and Soul logo and completing the form.  Letters received from a patient or family can be submitted to HR for consideration.

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