August 20, 2018


Cathy Daley was the child care services director at the Lighthouse.

Daley took the director position knowing that she would be a single director filling the position that two people previously held.  She also knew that the Lighthouse was scheduled to close - and her job was temporary.

But Daley gave the position and Lighthouse 100 percent.  She received three separate nominations for this award.

Daley focused on the needs of others during this challenging last year.  She comforted and supported staff during the final few months.  She was a relentless communicator to both staff and parents.  She made the last year positive and fun.

Outside of the Lighthouse, Daley went above and beyond in reaching out to other centers in the area to gather information so she could give parents a good idea of what other centers offer.

She was dedicated to the staff, parents and children until the Lighthouse closed in June.

One nomination summed up the situation by saying, "Cathy held us all together, supported us and offered an understanding and listening ear during moments of stress and sadness."

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