Bradford Society

Bert Bradford

Who is Dr. Bert Bradford?
For more than 50 years, Dr. Bert Bradford served his community and his patients as a physician.  Even after he stopped performing surgery, he could be found visiting patients in the hospital and helping thousands of individuals navigate the complex health care waters.  It is truly because of Dr. Bradford that many understand the role of CAMC in our community. He was a visionary whose commitment to CAMC and the state of West Virginia was evident throughout his life.

In 1976 after retiring from his surgical practice, Dr. Bradford led the newly formed CAMC Foundation. Dr. Bradford continued to serve the foundation until his death in 2000. The Bradford Society was created to honor Bert Bradford, MD for his outstanding commitment to this hospital and community. 
What is the Bradford Society?
The Bradford Society, the estate planning component of our development efforts, is a very important part of the CAMC Foundation. Members of the Bradford Society are those generous donors that considered the CAMC Foundation in their estate planning processes.  These individuals want to make a long-lasting impact in the lives of future generations in our community by remembering CAMC in their wills.  Generous gifts from members of this exclusive group truly make a difference and ensure our ability to provide excellent and compassionate healthcare to all of our patients.

Benefits of Membership:
     • Permanent Legacy at CAMC
     • Income and estate tax savings
     • Name recognition in our facilities
     • Invitation to select special events
     • Guided tours of our hospitals