CAMC Employees

The Power of Change

Pig A few cents is all it takes to help each other.  Through the CAMC Employee Emergency Fund we have the power to make a difference for fellow employees when the unexpected happens. This fund provides assistance to employees who experience personal financial emergencies, such as:

  • Replacement of essential personal items due to a flood, fire or other disasters 
  • Relocation to escape dangerous living conditions 
  • Funeral expenses 
  • Medical expenses

Gifts to this fund can be made at any time throughout the year.  Donations may be through payroll deduction, making a single contribution or by contributing PTO. Simply print the attached donor card and return it to the CAMC Foundation office.

Since the program’s inception in 2001, the CAMC Foundation has awarded more than $700,000 to 1,145 employees.

  • What is the CAMC Employee Emergency Fund?

    The CAMC Employee Emergency Fund provides assistance through the CAMC Foundation to CAMC employees who experience personal financial emergencies, such as: family bereavement expenses, replacement of personal items due to theft, flood, fire, or other disaster, moving expenses to escape unsafe living conditions, medical expenses, etc.

  • How can I make a donation to the Employee Emergency Fund?

    Donations can be made by automatic payroll deduction, personal check or credit card. Employees can also contribute PTO hours (which will be converted to your pay rate as a monetary donation). To donate PTO hours or set up Payroll deductions fill out a donor card or call the CAMC Foundation at (304) 388-9860. To make a one-time donation visit The Power of Change.

  • How do I give my PTO?

    PTO donations can be made by completing an employee pledge card available on CAMnet, at the CAMC Foundation and in HR offices. Donated PTO hours will be converted to your hourly pay rate, processed as a check and mailed to your home address. It is then your responsibility to endorse the check and forward to the CAMC Foundation for deposit. Gifts of PTO are an excellent way of giving for employees who are reaching the maximum amount of PTO that may be carried over each year.

  • Is my contribution tax-deductible?

    Yes, your contribution to the Employee Emergency Fund is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

  • I am a pro-rata CAMC employee. Can I apply for the employee fund grant?

    Employees who are full-time or pro-rata are eligible to apply for the grant. Temporary or per diem company employees and consultants are not eligible to apply.

  • How often am I allowed to apply for the Employee Emergency Fund grant?

    Only one grant per household will be made to an applicant within a 12-month period.

  • What is the procedure for requesting a grant?

    Employees can request an application from any human resources office.

  • When is the cut off for applying to the Employee Emergency Fund?

    All applications, along with detailed documentation, must be received in the human resources department by the last day of the month in order to be reviewed the following month by the Employee Emergency Fund committee.

  • How will I be notified if I was approved for an Employee Emergency Fund grant?

    You will receive a phone call upon approval of the Employee Emergency Fund grant. If further information is needed for approval, you will be notified by phone to submit required information. If denied, a letter will be sent to you immediately and referrals will be made to other community assistance organizations and programs.

  • How will I receive the grant money?

    You will receive a check mailed to your home address. Checks will be made payable to the applicant.

  • How much can I request?

    Employees may request a grant up to $800.

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