To ensure that our community receives care from well-trained health care professionals, the foundation provides nursing and medical student scholarships annually to individuals pursuing careers in health care. The foundation provides $250,000 annually for nursing and medical student scholarships.

Scholarship information and application

Continuing Education

Each year the CAMC Foundation supports training for CAMC employees through our many continuing educational programs. The foundation provides $200,000 each year for continuing education for employees.

CAMC Patient Simulation Center

The patient simulation center at CAMC provides the latest technology available to help health care professionals learn about real-life situations that could occur with patients.   The CAMC Patient Simulation Center is the largest and most advanced facility of its kind in the state and a premier center nationally.  At the center, students and health care professionals are able to gain experiences similar to real medical settings by treating life-like, computer-controlled mannequins, which prepares them for the demanding medical field. The CAMC Foundation raised more than $1 million to establish this innovative teaching center and continues to support the center on an annual basis.