Endowed Funds

An endowment is a permanent fund bestowed upon an individual or institution, such as, the CAMC Foundation to be used for a specific purpose. Currently, the CAMC Foundation has over 100 established endowment funds.

The CAMC Foundation has timed-honored endowment funds that were set up when the foundation was established in 1976. Throughout the years, many endowments have been established to support cancer, heart, diabetes, children, education, research and unrestricted funds.

Since 1976, the principal funds have grown and we have taken the earned interest income, while leaving the principal intact, to support various projects within CAMC as designated by the specific endowment fund.

Endowment funds are set up throughout the year by individuals in the community to honor a member of their family who has survived an adverse medical situation and those who want to honor a deceased member of their family or someone in the community who has been a dedicated leader.

If you would like to create a new endowment fund, a minimum gift of $25,000 is required. The fund can be named as you wish and the guidelines for use of the funds will be established at the time the endowment is set up.

You can view the established endowment funds at the CAMC Foundation to the left. Many funds have a long history; some date back to the inception of the Foundation. Please take a few minutes to read through the purposes of the funds and the important work they support at the CAMC Health System. Then take a moment to considering a contribution a fund that meets your mission and goals.