Women and Children's imaging waiting room


Join us as we build a new vision for family waiting

Going to the hospital can be stressful for children at any age. Whether admitted for an extended stay or visiting for routine tests, a child can feel a great deal of anxiety. Even parents feel stressed and anxious when their child has to visit the hospital, even for a standard medical test. Helping children and parents feel safe and comfortable is important to the staff, nurses and physicians at CAMC Women and Children's Hospital. 

Every week, more than 200 pediatric patients come for imaging services at CAMC Women and Children's Hospital. They are there for routine x-rays or perhaps an MRI where they may undergo anesthesia, resulting in long waiting times for the child's family.

The current waiting room in the imaging area of CAMC Women and Children's Hospital is crowded, cramped and lacks a sense of comfort and privacy for the more than 800 families who are there each month.

The need for an improved Imaging Lounge at CAMC Women and Children's Hospital is easy to see. This new space would be comforting for children and their families, reducing anxiety and providing a sense of security while waiting for an imaging procedure.

The imaging department at CAMC Women and Children's Hospital is state-of-the-art, featuring an open bore MRI, which also has ambient capabilities to help children stay calm during imaging procedures. It's time for our high-tech services to have a first-class waiting room.

Our vision is to increase seating from a 19 to 42 person capacity in a space that is comfortable, increases privacy, provides for better patient flow, and is child friendly.

Within this new Imaging Lounge there will be more open space, soothing colors, healing art and comfortable chairs.

The remodeled area will also be safer for patients as it will provide much improved visibility of patients by staff members. The renovated space will also include a designated play space for pediatric patients and their siblings along with a patient restroom exclusive to imaging patients.

The total cost of the project is approximately $200,000 and includes the design, construction, furniture, equipment, signage and art. Please join us in our efforts to provide a new space for our patients and families.

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