April 19, 2016
CAMC has been providing compassionate, quality care to individuals infected with HIV/AIDS since the late 1980s. CAMC has provided early intervention services to individuals infected with HIV and implemented a comprehensive system of outpatient care for individuals in 19 southern West Virginia counties, many of whom are uninsured or underinsured. More than 300 individuals are currently enrolled in the CAMC Ryan White Program and receiving help with health-related, social, psychological and economic concerns. Countless others are unaccounted for.

A diagnosis is often a severely destabilizing event for an HIV patient. Many face hardships with families and communities because of stigmas still in existence from a misunderstood risk. We believe that caring for people in this difficult time is about support, treatment and a full circle of care.

Part of that care is preventing the continued spread of HIV. For many years, HIV infection was beginning to plateau and even drop. Alarmingly, the numbers have started to increase in recent years, nationally and statewide; specifically in Southern West Virginia.

The CAMC Foundation has dispersed funds to help those patients living with HIV/AIDS. Included in those awarded funds were dollars spent to educate and provide free testing to citizens of Southern West Virginia. As of 2014, all monies from the Ryan White pass through fund had been depleted.

CAMC is committed to rendering care to patients regardless of their ability to pay for all or part of their essential medical care. CAMC provides hundreds of millions of dollars in unreimbursed care annually. With the help of generous and compassionate donors, the CAMC Foundation can continue to help CAMC maintain its high level of services to the diagnosed and future HIV/AIDS patients in our region.

To learn how you can help, please call the foundation at (304) 388-9860.
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