May 12, 2016

NICU: care and compassion

When a mother brings her child into the world, most of us envision a happy and joyous occasion.

Unfortunately for some parents, the birth of their child comes with fear and anxiety for what lies ahead.

When a baby visits the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), it is the staff who serves as the pillar of support for the families.

 Melinda Zutaut, RN

“Fulfillment comes when you can watch the baby grow, develop and go home with his or her parents,” Melinda Zutaut, RN said. “It is a gift that NICU nurses get to give to parents.”

Zutaut shared that the first two weeks of a NICU baby’s life are often filled with the uncertainty of what the future holds. But with the passing days, weeks and months, nurses like Zutaut are capable of developing long lasting relationships with these families.

“We may not remember every family, but they will always remember us,” a colleague once told Zutaut.

She had recently met a new security officer at CAMC Women and Children’s Hospital whose son had spent five months in the NICU as a baby. Zutaut had the opportunity to meet his son, now 21 years old, in the lobby at Women and Children’s Hospital. The security officer had recognized Zutaut’s name and voice over the telephone and put the pieces together.

Continued support of the CAMC Foundation helps the NICU team to continue providing quality care to these tiny patients.


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