October 15, 2018


Dr. Carrie Bush, CAMC pediatric and adult ENT department, was nominated for her special follow-up care of a young patient's tonsillectomy.  The person who nominated Bush said her office was able to get them in quickly when the patient experienced bleeding a few days after the procedure.

Bush gave her cellphone number to the family and told them she would meet them at the emergency room if the patient started bleeding again.  When that happened unexpectedly, in the middle of the night, the family texted Bush before leaving for the emergency room.

By the time the family arrived, Bush was already there and had the OR staff ready for the patient.  She kept the family informed, answered all of their questions every step of the way, and even offered to bring them personal hygiene items during the boy's hospital stay.

Congratulations to the other September nominees: Tavares Hamilton, Lissa Howard, Russell Lein, Jr., Susan Lyons, Lenora Nutter, Dr. Jennifer Smith, Yvonne Thorne and Cedric Williams.

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