November 9, 2018

The Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation (CPPA), a partnership of pharmacy-based organizations, has awarded specialty pharmacy practice accreditation to the outpatient pharmacy at the CAMC Cancer Center.

"The pharmacy and its staff are proud to have achieved this milestone for the benefit of our patients and our organization," said John Petts, PharmD, director of ambulatory services.  "Accreditation as a specialty pharmacy not only highlights the commitment to in-depth patient care and monitoring that we provide daily to our patients on specialty medications, but it also provides us with opportunities to expand our service offerings in the future."

CPPA's mission, which is unique among accreditors, is to serve the public health by raising the level of pharmacy-delivered patient care services through accreditation.  CPPA provides a standardized method for recognizing exceptional pharmacy practices that promote practice innovation and empower pharmacists to practice at a higher level.  CPPA recognizes pharmacy practices that are committed to fostering medication safety and effectiveness, ensuring continuous quality improvement and facilitating desired patient health outcomes.

"The outpatient pharmacy at the CAMC Cancer Center has the unique advantage of providing services as a part of Charleston Area Medical Center," said Heather Moles, PharmD, RPh, pharmacy manager.  "The pharmacy is able to work closely with the hospital's specialty providers to provide exceptional continuity of care.  We work with insurance companies to secure medication coverage, and we facilitate copay assistance when it is needed.  We also provide clinical monitoring of patient progress and facilitate interactions with other health care providers to provide the best possible outcomes.  We accept prescriptions from outside providers in addition to CAMC physicians."

Specialty medications are often expensive, require unique handling procedures and involve complex treatment regimens that require ongoing clinical monitoring and patient education.

"Ensuring that specialty pharmacies provide services that help patients achieve desired, cost-effective outcomes is a key component of CPPA's specialty pharmacy accreditation," said CPPA Chairman and American Pharmacists Association Executive Vice President and CEO Thomas E. Menighan.  "CPPA's accreditation of the CAMC Cancer Center's outpatient pharmacy provides an important recognition that its pharmacy services support these goals."

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