November 9, 2018


Kit Kerns, CRNA at Memorial Hospital, formed a bond with a young patient who had been in the hospital for a couple of months.  The woman was septic and on IV medications to keep her blood pressure at a reasonable range.

Unfortunately the patient had amputation or partial amputation of all four limbs.  Kerns personally took care of the patient every time she went to surgery for continuity of care and because the patient was extremely nervous and felt comfortable with her.

The patient, who has a husband and children at home, was depressed due to the lack of mobility and multiple surgeries, so Kerns visited her often and provided her positive reinforcement and encouragement.  Kerns also spent time with her during her breaks and lunches.

Kerns arranged for her personal hair stylist to come into the hospital and cut, color and style the patient's hair because she felt uncomfortable about her appearance.  The patient was thankful and said she felt more normal at this time than she ever had since being hospitalized.

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