December 19, 2018


Front row (L-R): Margaret Loftis (dietitian), Shatidra White (psychosocial support coordinator), Jessica Randolph (nurse navigator), Amber King (occupational therapist)

Second row (L-R): Sharon Jeffrey (social worker), Nicole Charbonniez (physical therapist), Heather Thaxton, RN (cancer research), Tara Miller (nurse practitioner)

Not pictured: Dr. Jennifer Hancock (clinical psychologist)

The CAMC Cancer Center was proud to receive the "Spirit of Collaboration Award" from The Mountains of Hope Cancer Coalition for outstanding collaborations with the Lung Bridge Program that has significantly advanced comprehensive cancer control activities in West Virginia.

The Lung Bridge Program began in June 2018 and is designed to support lung cancer patients after they have completed active treatment. The program is set up to help patients and their family members identify unmet needs and ongoing concerns, assist with access to care, and provide resources and support as they adapt to life after lung cancer.

The Lung Bridge Program consists of a health care team that includes a nurse practitioner, nurse, psychologist, psychosocial support coordinator, dietitian, social worker and occupational and physical therapist. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that patients receive comprehensive and individualized care plans that improve their quality of care as they continue along their continuum of care.

The program also includes education for tobacco cessation, proper nutrition and physical activity for cancer survivors, tips for family and friends and connects patients to additional support services. The program provides each patient and primary care provider with a written personalized cancer care plan.

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