December 19, 2018

Improving%20flow%20reducing%20deferrals.pngRusty Martin and Dr. Anthony Uy presented at the Institute of Healthcare Improvement's National Forum 2018 in Orlando. The project was a corporate goal for 2018 relating to improving access and thereby decreasing deferrals. A working group was assembled with key stakeholders with the initial objective to decrease length of stay. Through many cycles of learning that reflected our A3 / DMAIC process for improvement, the following outcomes were observed:

  • Monthly deferrals dropped from more than 300 to the current average of 28 (91 percent reduction)
  • Acceptance of referrals improved from less than 45 percent to 85 percent
  • Observation length of stay decreased from 46 hours to 33 hours (28 percent reduction)
  • MRI turnaround time dropped from 26 hours to seven hours (73 percent reduction)
  • Referral calls increased by 42 percent during 2018

This work also has been accepted for a full presentation at Premier's Breakthroughs conference June 2019 in Nashville.

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